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The Bravo757, Inc. story is pretty simple...

​The founder of our company is a long time firearms collector and builder who has searched far and wide, wearing out his car driving to out of the way gun stores, spent countless hours online, sat in many an auction, scoured thousands of gun show tables and more looking for parts to build from and gems to add to his collection. Such are the habits of a collector.

Then one day during a phone conversation with one of the finest machinist in the country about some AR-15 lower receivers, he decided to make a dream come true. He set about building Bravo757 - Gun Parts Sales from the ground up using the skills he learned in his civilian background of sales and real estate investment mixed with some of the tenacity he gained in uniform serving in the US Army Infantry… Go 3rd ID, The Rock of the Marne! Our founder is retired Army, and a decorated veteran of the Gulf War who’s love of service and this great country runs deep.

Open Letter to Our Friends and Customers,

The founding principle of Bravo757, Inc. is simple - take gun parts sitting around the dusty shelves, old store rooms and dark recesses of this still great country and get them into the hands of people that understand their value, can appreciate them or put them to use. We think of it as an adoption agency / placement program for the under utilized firearm parts among us… all good gun parts deserve a good home, don’t ya think!?

We believe that rightful opportunity is derived by the Grace of God, the second amendment is exactly what provides the freedom from tyranny allowing the enjoyment of the other freedoms recognized in the Constitution, that good people want to provide for themselves and their families and protect the same, and that the protection of what God grants is a simple way of saying “Thank You.”

And as strongly as we feel about our views, good or bad we believe that everyone in this country has the full freedom and validity of their own – another not so small luxury guaranteed by the Constitution.

With all that said, we feel if we can match up good parts with those that want them and we make money at it then we sure ought to appreciate having the opportunity to do so. Anyways, time is short so get back to the products and buy something before its too late – business is a booming!

“We sure appreciate your business, Happy Building and Safe Shooting”

A.C. Bromwell,
Founder & COO
Bravo757, Inc.


Feel free to drop us a line or send us a picture of how you used a part you bought here - we'd love to hear from you.
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